Easy for employees
to switch shifts

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Switch shifts

Let your employees handle the shift switching

  • MakeShift

    Make shift available

    Make a shift available to other employees.

  • CoccupyAShift

    Occupy a shift

    Other employees can take an available shift.

  • Mobile communication


    Employees can messages each other during the switching.

  • Absence


    Add an absence type when making a shift available.

Make shift available

If an employee is sick or not able to take the shift, they can mark it as available and add a absence type - this can also be done by a manager. Absence types can be defined specifically for your business.

Occupy a shift

All the available shifts will be listed for the employees to occupy them. Any available employee can occupy the available shift. You as manager can also assign another employee to the shift.

Employees can message each other

In the process of exchanging or occupying shifts, employees can message with each other regarding the details about the shift.


Our shift switching features allow you to save time as the employees can handle the whole process without supervision. The leading manager for the store will get mail notification when a shift becomes available or taken.