Do work scheduling at
any locations

Online based work schedule system

Work schedule online

Manage and administrate your business online

  • Calender

    Create and edit schedules

    We’ve made it easy for you to manage work schedules.

  • Dashboard


    Get a total overview on our dashboard.

  • Add groups

    Add more users

    5 users are included for every store you have.

  • AddMoreStores

    Add more stores

    Growing your business? Just add another store.

  • Responsive design


    Use Plangy across devices and browsers.

Create and edit schedules

Create work schedules for your employees for the next many weeks and with different rotations with just a few steps. You can easily edit the a single shift if needed.

Replace the old fashioned white paper work schedule and printing with our online based system and save time and streamline the whole work schedule process.

Complete overview

With our dashboard you will a complete overview on what’s going the current day and the week. On just one screen you’ll get the overview you need to complete the day.

It’s also possible to get a more detailed overview with our report functionality. In the reports you can see in details how many hours an employee has worked in given period, how many absence in hours there’ve been in total, etc.

Upscale your business

Planning to open 5 new stores the next 2 years? Don’t worry, we’ve covered the upscaling part. You can at any time upscale your Plangy account with more employees and stores. It’s just as easy to downscale if you’re closing stores.

Fully responsive

Plangy is fully responsive and all the features are available on desktop, mobile and tablet. Use Plangy on the run or even when you’re on vacation.

Responsiveness is not only a great thing for you as manager, but extremely useful for your employees. As long as they have internet, they can always see their upcoming shifts.