Create absence types specific
for your business

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Create as many absence types as you need

  • Schedule

    Create absence types

    Create and customize absence types to your business.

  • ApplyToStore

    Apply to store

    You can even specify to which store it should apply to.

  • ManagerApproval

    Manager approval

    Choose if manager’s approval is needed for absence type.

  • OnlyAssignByManager

    Only assign by manager

    Choose if only managers can assign the absence type.

  • EmployessCanAddReason

    Employees can add reason

    Choose if employees can add a reason.

Create and edit absence types

As standard we’ve defined few absence types, such as maternity, vacation and injury. But we’ve made it available for you to create your own absence type with rules.

Specifically for a store

Different stores can have different needs. Therefore we’ve made possible to assign an absence type specifically to a store.

Special permissions and assignment by managers

When creating an absence you can choose if the absence should be permitted by a manager or if only managers can assign this absence type.

Employees can add a note to their absence

When an employee submit an absence, they can add a note for the manager to see. The manager can either deny or accept the absence request.